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Orange Grove

Country Valley Natural Yoghurt (500g)
Honey Spice Muesli 500gm
Aussie Natives Tea collection (100g)
Buttermilk Scones (3 scones)
Healthy Indulgence
Raw Walnuts
Vegetarian Cottage pie
Swiss Brown Mushroom 500g tray
Desiree Potatoes
Chicken with Pumpkin Mash, Steamed Green Beans and an Almond and Herb Crumb
Green Capsicum
Chicken Leek and Mushroom Pie
Fig Walnut and Raisin
Sourdough Pizza Bases (2 bases)
Beef Goulash with Pearl Barley, Sweet Potato and Sautéed Spinach
Seeded Baguette
Apple Flan
Breakfast Marmalade (275g jar)
Jumbo Blueberries Punnet (each)
Tilba Cheese Vintage Smoked
Country Valley Unhomogenised Full Cream Milk (2L)
Roma Tomatoes
Tilba Cheese Vintage Blue
Hass Avocado (each)