Trader Information

  • In any transactions OFM Enterprises ('OFM') is acting as the agent of the trader ('Trader(s)').
  • All prices quote by the trader are to be inclusive of GST as appropriate.
  • The trader will include the gross sales value of any sale in their GST returns and any commission paid to OFM as an expense.
  • OFM will issue a GST invoice to cover the sale the customer and a GST invoice to the Trader for the commission and the Trader must not issue a further GST invoice for the sale.
  • Traders are responsible for the maintenance of their own data via the dashboard provided.
  • Traders are bound to honour the prices they post on the website and to exercise their best endeavours to supply the goods they list.
  • Traders are bound to receive any complaints about goods they have supplied and to offer reasonable compensation to dissatisfied customers.
  • Traders attending weekend markets are obliged to honour orders place with them prior to noon Thursday. They will:
         1. package and label any items requested for Home Delivery and for Click and Collect,
         2. bring them to the market and, if required for Home Delivery, place them at the the designated delivery collection point
             before 8 am at Orange Grove or 9 am at Mona Vale,
        3. or, if required for pick up at their stall by the customer using the Click and Collect, keep them at their stall for pick up by the customer.
  • Any sales proceeds will be remitted to the trader's bank account less only a fee of 10% of the sales proceeds (including gst).
  • Remittance takes place each Tuesday and covers any sales up to and including any market held on the previous Sunday.
  • Remittances will be accumulated until $50 is due to be remitted.
  • These terms and conditions may be changed by OFM notifying Traders by email to their last recorded email.

For any queries, please contact us with the